Welcome back! I hope your hurricane preparations have been going well. If you’ve been paying attention to the news you’ll know that the Gulf has seen its first hurricane of the 2019 season – Hurricane Barry. Since we’ve already talked about what to do to prepare for this hurricane season I’d like to take a look at what NOT to do! Stay safe, SWFL!

Open windows or doors to relieve pressure

Not only should you NOT do this – but open windows or doors will likely be the reason your roof blows off! Gusts of wind get into the house easily when there are openings and the force of the wind puts endless pressure on your roof. So keep those doors and windows CLOSED and keep you and your home SAFE.

Tape X’s on your windows to make them strong

This one is an oldy but a goody. It was once said that taping X’s on your windows would reinforce them and make them less susceptible to the strong winds associated with hurricanes. This has long since been discredited, but nonetheless, some people still believe it to be true. If you truly want to reinforce your windows, you should install hurricane shutters. There are many local companies that would love to help you protect your home from the storm.

Reinforce your door with… YOUR BODY

Once the storm hits and the winds get violent, don’t get in mother nature’s way. If you notice your door starting to buckle under pressure – DO NOT try to reinforce it by using your body, furniture or anything else. The integrity of the door is compromised once it has buckled and you would be putting yourself at extreme risk by going anywhere near it. The best thing you can do is be proactive. Have hurricane resistant doors installed. These doors are made to withstand the strong winds of a hurricane.

Ignore the biggest opening to your house – the garage door

If your garage door is blown in or sucked out the pressure from the wind creates a vacuum effect on your roof – much like blowing up a balloon. Too much pressure and POP! There goes your roof and your walls will likely follow. Reinforce your garage door people! Check out Your Local Contractor Guide for the most reputable contractors in your area!

Catch you on the flip side – this has been another installation of The Hurricane Chronicles.