For those of us who rent, home renovations aren’t always possible. But it’s important to make your space feel like home. As a renter myself, I have done a lot of research on renter friendly upgrades that can make your space feel uniquely ‘you’. I have put together a list of my personal favorites! Check them out:

Change Up Your Hardware

A great way to upgrade your rental unit is by replacing the hardware in your kitchen and bathroom. Replacing the hardware in your kitchen and bathroom can add some personality to your space and is totally reversible!

Disguise Ugly Light Fixtures

PHOTO CREDIT: lovemaegan.com

Most rentals come equipped with less than desirable lighting. Whether it be ugly light fixtures or just not enough light in general. If you have some ugly light fixtures you would like to hide – there are so many ways you can disguise them while adding a little personal touch. Pinterest is FULL of great tutorials for all of the DIYers out there!

Cover Weird Floors + Add Some Color

Is the flooring in your home not ideal? A great (and easy!) way to fix this is to add a rug. Rugs can be used to define space and add a pop of color. Typically landlords do not allow tenants to paint anything in their rental units. Don’t let that stop you from adding some color to your home. Some fun ways to add color are:

Plants – plant them in colorful planters or choose a plant that has a bright flower.

Wall Art – pick up a colorful piece of art to hang on your wall (with command strips of course!)

PHOTO CREDIT: buzzfeed.com

Rugs – Rugs can be used to cover up ugly flooring, define space and add color! .. Is there anything rugs can’t do?!

Don’t let renting stop you from creating a home that represents YOU! Respect your landlord while maintaining your individuality! There are so many local, reputable Handyman companies ready and willing to help you with all of your renovations! If you have any other tips + tricks for renter friendly renovation leave them in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂